Liquid Food

Beer is liquid bread.


Alcohol boils away.


The Laws of Physics and Hard Rolls

The laws of physics say that movement tends to result in even distribution, so hard bread or rolls can be softened by sprinkling with water, then left in a sealed bag in the fridge for a few hours.

Tidal Wave

A tidal wave is a frightening thing.  News reports on efforts to defend against such flooding showed that decisions were made to build defensive walls that were not high enough to keep out the water.

There is a simple solution for individuals.  A flag pole, any kind of boat, a rope and a metal ring can be used to make a temporary survival craft.

Set a flag pole into the ground and put a metal ring around the flag pole.  Make sure there is a ball atop the pole that is bigger than the metal ring.  Tie a long rope through the metal ring and onto the boat.  A box of emergency supplies would also be a good idea.

As water rises, the boat will rise, but stay connected to the home.  The rope can be untied if necessary to float away.