Natural Antibiotic

Since Salt Lake and the Dead Sea are not conducive to life, then saline solution is antibiotic and reducing saline opens the door to disease.


Parabolic Construction


Easy to construct parabolic form.  All that is left is to form the parabolic dish over the form.

“Non-trivial” for the construction-challenged and craft-challenged.


Some bacteria are acidophilic, meaning they love acid and often hate alkaline baking soda. Bacteria that love baking soda may hate acid.

Most life requires some salt, but enough salt will kill anything.

Useful medical information.

Transmute Weeds into Rich Compost Dirt


There is still some fiber left, but it is richly rotten.


The difference between the old soil and the new soil is dramatic.

These weeds were collected from our yard and soaked in a bucket of water in our greenhouse over the winter. We weeded anyway, so the only added work was filling the bucket with water and leaving it in our greenhouse.