Cheaper Alternative to a Visit to the Seashore

Do without the flies and the drive.

How much salt is required to make a bath a saltwater bath?

One pint is 473 milliliters.
One cubic foot is 7.48 gallons.
The density of salt is 2.165 that of pure water.
The ocean is said to be 35 parts salt of every 1000 parts seawater [].
Some bathtubs are about 6 cubic feet, which equates to about 45 gallons of water.


Sounds like a lot. One gallon 2.5 quarts of salt for each bath?

The Dead Sea is said to be 9 times as salty as the ocean. 9 X 1.63 gallons of salt for one bath?

Still cheaper than flying.


Possible Natural Topical Antibiotic

A certain amount of salt is required to sustain life. The wrong proportions are not healthy. Nothing lives in the Dead Sea. Some organisms require a high PH environment, others require a low PH.

With this in mind, I tried some leftover pickle juice on an infection for which doctors’ cures have been ineffective. A problem is that most life requires water to live, so I tried dehydrated old pickle juice. I found that to be very effective. Another problem is that salt is not very soluble in vinegar. I tried microwaving a proportion of twice as much vinegar as I had salt and most of the salt was left undissolved. The proper proportion would probably be something like 1 Tablespoon rock salt to 1/2 cup vinegar.

It is very interesting that after I strained out the salt, it looked very wet but did not stick to the other pieces of rock salt.

I applied this solution to the problem area by soaking a cotton ball and taping it on (masking tape works ok). One of the good things about this solution is that it does not hurt healthy skin and does not cause pain when applied to an infection, but it hurts a lot if there is any scratch in the skin.

If it hurts, stop.