Animal Oil

We keep being told that animal fat is dangerously unhealthy and that plant oils are healthy. We have found that the fat we separated out from our Thanksgiving turkey dinner did not solidify in the refrigerator. We did get some mushy granules, but it poured easily. It certainly did not solidify any granules at all at room temperature (about 65º).

We did have to heat it until all the bits were crunchy to get rid of the smell, so it is golden brown. Next step is to see how well it will burn in an oil lamp, of which we have many.


How to help the homeless

It is the nature of life to collect resources to use to support and sustain one’s own life.  The inability to do this is one thing that keeps the homeless disabled.  The homeless are currently being used to justify government programs, but there are ways to make them more independent.


Conventional wisdom from National Coalition for the Homeless




Technology from India 




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